Sunday, May 19, 2013

American Apparel branded 'sexist' over 'sleazy' ads for unisex shirt with half-naked women in g-strings... but fully-clothed men

Clothing giant American Apparel has been branded 'sexist' and 'sleazy' over a series of 'degrading' adverts for a unisex shirt.

The online campaign features provocative images of half-naked women sporting the unbuttoned plaid top in a series of highly sexualised poses - often wearing no underpants or just a pair of tiny g-strings - while the male models involved in the campaign are fully-clothed and sombre.

The contrasting images used to sell the plaid shirt to men and women have become an object of controversy on the internet

Twitter users have slammed the campaign as 'honkingly sexist', 'degrading' and 'sleazy', while Swedish blogger  Emelie Eriksson, 24, whose irate post about the brand's cloudy definition of the word 'unisex' has been read by over 100,000 people.

American Apparel has frequently courted controversy in the past, being accused of female exploitation and sexualisation for using 'gratuitous' images of very scantily-clad young models to market their clothes.


What sells, sells.  Let the whiners whine.


Anonymous said...

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B. Clinton said...

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Anonymous said...

The only thing that they are good for is blow jobs.

But as the great high-wire walker, Karl Wallenda, once said: "Don't look down!"

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MrOllyK said...

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