Sunday, May 05, 2013

Outrage as Arizona high school holds 'Redneck Day'

One minority you are allowed to insult and exclude

An Arizona high school has sparked outrage from civil rights leaders after it held a 'Redneck Day' for students.

Yesterday's school-wide event at Queen Creek High School was designed to satirize a reality TV show called 'Duck Dynasty,' school officials said.

But the day's questionable title has offended some students, parents and local African-American and civil rights leaders who claim it serves as grim reminders of slavery and segregation.

According to the Arizona Republic, one student wore a large Confederate flag to school, which particularly upset critics.

'We all know the connotation of "redneck," Rev. Ozetta Kirby, pastor of Holy Trinity Community AME Church in nearby Mesa told the newspaper.

Steve Montoya, a prominent civil-rights attorney in Phoenix, said the Confederate flag was the most offensive part.

Tom Lindsey, the superintendent of the Queen Creek Unified School District, said the only intent of 'Redneck Day' was to spoof the characters on the reality show, which follows a family of duck hunters in Louisiana.

He said the student wearing the Confederate flag wasn't from Arizona and didn't appreciate the reaction the flag would receive.



Dean said...

"We all know the connotation of "redneck," Rev. Ozetta Kirby . . ."

Yup. High school diploma, beer, guns and NASCAR. What you got against high school, beer, guns and NASCAR Reverend? You one of those college educated, wine-and-cheese, anti-gun, Formula 1 people?

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Many countries dwell too much in the past, and none more so than the USA and a seemingly haunting memory of its Civil War even though that was almost 150 years ago, and the legacy of slavery that festers even to this day. It's one thing to remember the past lest its lessons be forgotten, and another to have the country's future crippled by its mere phantom, like some latter-day Hamlet!

Dean said...

Anon 2:56

Well said.

Stefan v said...

And yet, having job nowadays is to be less secure in employment than oldtime slaves, less secure in property than oldtime serfs, and taxed harder by orders of magnitude than the original rebelling colonials that told Georgie III where he could stick his sceptre. About the only way we're better off mind.

Stefan v said...


Their necks are red because they work out in the sun, and don't have the time or energy to spare on getting an even tan at the country club. From time to time, they had a reprieve from fieldwork by being drafted for some stupid war, where they got their necks burnt red by the sun, or simply shot off altogether. If they made it back alive, maybe minus some bodyparts or their minds, they got to go fish. Nowadays, they work, drink beer, play crappy country music, and shoot racoons. Some volunteer for stupid foreign wars. In the inner cities, the descendants of former slaves shoot drugs, and each other, and complain about how it's someone else's fault. Meanwhile, their distant relations in their former home, Africa, are busy shooting each other. Same old same old, the only difference is they have Russian Guns instead of spears, and Chinese Clothes instead of grass skirts. Reduced-melanin minorities are being exterminated with nary a lefty whiner to protect them, or bitch and moan about why Africa is shittier than ever now that they are self-determining.

Anonymous said...

Give me a break. I have a big Confederate flag on my porch. Idiot pc morons.

Anonymous said...

When did it become a "right" to not be offended ?

Anonymous said...

8:23 A very insightful comment.

As for Africa, colonialism may now be frowned upon, but independence has made it worse for most Africans, and even rather dangerous for the corrupt elites.

Anonymous said...

Whatever educational systems are present in Africa were due to the efforts to educate the population by the "evil" European colonialists, primarily the British. While the purpose of colonial expansion was to benefit the colonial power, it is undeniable that a number of the nations went from being third world beggers to highly productive regional powers. Unfortunately, now that many of these states are free from their colonial "oppressors", they have become enslaved by vicious war lords. Here in the US, blacks were freed from slavery, only to become enslaved by the government and the politicians promising them anything to get their vote.

Anonymous said...

Yes: Many African and Indian/Pakistani railroads, roads, bridges, hospitals, legal and other civil administrations still rely heavily on the colonial bequest, and rely even more on direct financial subsidies today, though they spit in the face of the donors and investors, while even expecting their military help when the occasion arises.