Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Jeremy Clarkson stirs the pot again

He is critical of crying babies on aircraft. So once again he says what many think but are afraid to say.  But in typical style he exaggerates

TV presenter Jeremy Clarkson has prompted a strong reaction after suggesting that children should be stashed in the luggage hold during flights.

Following a flight to Scotland earlier this month Mr Clarkson tweeted: "When will British Airways realise that babies belong in the hold?"

Justine Roberts of the website Mumsnet responded to his comments in the Mail on Sunday, saying: "There are plenty of Mumsnet users hoping British Airways will realise Jeremy Clarkson belongs in the hold."



Use the Name, Luke said...

Finally! Someone matched Jeremy's tone in a response!

Crying babies are an annoyance. No parent can prevent all crying. On the other hand, some parents don't even try to respect those around them, either letting the baby cry or not taking the baby out of general earshot (when possible). I think there's a valid criticism in those cases.

Of course, in an airplane, there's nowhere a parent can take a crying baby to avoid irritating others. That's when it's time to simply vent, as Clarkson did.

Anonymous said...

One of the problems is that many adults forget that they used to be kids (babies).

Bird of Paradise said...

Perhaps Mr Clarkson should ride in the luggege compartment so no one has to listen to his whinning

Anonymous said...

That's what ear buds, an MP3 player, and Black Sabbath are for.

Anonymous said...

I think airlines could do something to mitigate the screaming of infants on almost all flights by at least trying to put them all together at one end of the cabin. The parents would also feel less embarrassment.

Anonymous said...

Yes, god forbid we ALL don't love your screaming, whining little "darling" right!

Want to hear the first comedian to speak on the subject? Watch Bill Cosby (I thick it was in "Bill Cosby, himself" from 1983) talk about "Jeffery." Hilarious!

Anonymous said...

I thought feminists (aka lesbians) hated the idea of having children, so why do they care?

I guess because a man said it!

Also Anon 3:11, TRY IT!

Stefan v said...

Stewardess! Another triple scotch please. You may as well leave the trolley. Given the risks to poor little defenceless babies these days, I'll put up with the screaming of the ones that make it to birth. As a former baby myself, anything else would be hypocrisy. If they continue screaming about everything into late adulthood, I'll conclude they are lefties and consider voting to bring back the pillory. A better use for rotting vegies is yet to be invented.

Anonymous said...

People like Stefan who vote for publically humiliating others with such as the pillory, might well end up on it too - or worse forms! Be careful of what you wish for! Read some history!