Sunday, June 02, 2013

Excerpt from a review of the Andrew Breitbart documentary

Marcus said what motivated Breitbart was a desire to expose the political left as a “hate machine.”

“Breitbart’s message was that if you don’t go along with the politically correct message of the radical left, then the leftist activists and media turn on you and try to destroy you,” Marcus said.

“Breitbart very much wanted to confront and expose that tactic for what it is – intolerant and hateful. His point was the radical left hates anyone who doesn’t agree with them. ‘Hating Breitbart’ was not only the title of the documentary, it was what Breitbart wanted to explain the radical left was all about.”



A. Levy said...

It doesn't take a genius to see where the most vicious hatred and intolerance comes from. All one need do is look to the Left. True, that it's sometimes hard to spot since their hatred is usually covered up by the media, but it's there. And, as usual, their hatred is always blamed on the Right.

One of the oldest and most effective tactics used by the Left is to simply blame the Right for any hate-filled words or acts committed by the Left. Of course, this doesn't work unless you have a very compliant media you can count on, and that is obviously the case.

The only way to defeat the Left is to use their own tactics against them. But they know that generally speaking, they have nothing to fear from the Right since the Right is always worried about, and preoccupied with, "doing the right thing", and "playing by the rules". The Left of course finds this mentality quite amusing, since they understand that if yours is the only team on the field playing by the rules, the outcome is not very difficult to predict.

Anonymous said...

This use of "Left" and "Right" is far too vague and can cover for anything someone disagrees with and without being too specific.

Anonymous said...

If we just eradicated the 3 sigma leftists and rightists, life would be so much better.