Monday, June 17, 2013

DC: Ban on protests in plaza struck down

"In a case that brings free speech protections literally to the very steps of the US Supreme Court, a federal judge in Washington has struck down as unconstitutional a statute that allowed police to arrest anyone attempting to deliver a message of protest on the wide marble plaza outside the high court’s elegant front entrance. US District Judge Beryl Howell declared the 60-year-old law in violation of free speech protections and thus void as applied to the court’s plaza."

The decision puts in doubt a long tradition at the high court of police forcing demonstrators to confine their picketing, chanting, and sign waving to the relatively narrow public sidewalk in front of the court.



Anonymous said...

Violating the First Amendment rights of people on the steps of the Supreme Court? Wow! That's the kind of thing that starts revolutions.

Anonymous said...

I pine for the days when it was patriotic to be a detractor of the administration.

Amazing how much freedom we can lose in 5 years, isn't it!

Decent is only patriotic when a Republican is in the white house apparently!