Tuesday, June 11, 2013

GA: State approves “GAYPWR” license plate

This will be a good precedent when conservative and Christian plates are challenged

A gay man will be allowed to order a vanity license plate that describes his sexual orientation, but Georgians’ car tags must not refer to sex acts, weapons, drugs and much else under new rules issued by the state.

The regulations are part of a settlement on Wednesday between the state and Atlanta resident James Cyrus Gilbert, who sued Georgia after officials denied his request for a personalized plate that would read GAYGUY, 4GAYLIB or GAYPWR.

All three phrases sought by Gilbert were on the state’s “bad tag” list, said the lawsuit, which claimed Georgia had violated his First Amendment right to free speech.

In settling the suit, the state allowed Gilbert to pick any of the three choices that were refused in January, said his attorney, Cynthia Counts. He has chosen GAYPWR, she said.



Anonymous said...

Another reason we must donate as much as we can for AIDS research. Not to find a cure, but a faster way of spreading it.

Anonymous said...

2:51 AM is as mentally sick as the disease he describes.

Anonymous said...

It's better than being gay.

Anonymous said...

I am gay and I think this is over the line. I hate gay political games. If more gay guys lived and behaved like normal people, instead of some prancing princess, than we would all be good.

Anonymous said...

There are plenty of crazy heterosexuals, but that never reflects on all heterosexuals or heterosexuality - does it? - DUH!