Sunday, June 09, 2013

Must not mock or disparage women

Facebook has promised to review how it handles gender-based hate speech. The social networking giant made the promise after several feminist groups called the company out.

One group, Women, Action and the Media, published a letter that asks Facebook to take three actions: Recognize speech that trivializes or glorifies violence against girls and women as hate speech and make a commitment that the company will not tolerate this content; effectively train moderators to recognize and remove gender-based hate speech; and effectively train moderators to understand how online harassment differently affects women and men, in part due to the real-world pandemic of violence against women.

"In a world in which hundreds of thousands of women are assaulted daily and where intimate partner violence remains one of the leading causes of death for women around the world, it is not possible to sit on the fence," the open letter said. "We call on Facebook to make the only responsible decision and take swift, clear action on this issue, to bring your policy on rape and domestic violence into line with your own moderation goals and guidelines."

Facebook Admits Shortcomings

Marne Levine, vice president of Global Public Policy at Facebook, responded in a blog post. Levine pointed out that Facebook's Statement of Rights and Responsibilities prohibits hate speech -- but also admitted that there are instances of offensive content, including distasteful humor, that are not hate speech according to its definition.

"In recent days, it has become clear that our systems to identify and remove hate speech have failed to work as effectively as we would like, particularly around issues of gender-based hate," Levine said.

"In some cases, content is not being removed as quickly as we want. In other cases, content that should be removed has not been or has been evaluated using outdated criteria....We need to do better -- and we will."



A. Levy said...

There are those in America who are always looking for some form of discrimination, even where none exists. And, if none is found, they will almost always "make sure" it is found. And how do they deal with real or perceived discrimination? By creating a greater discrimination.

Why is assaulting a gay person a more serious crime than assaulting anyone else?

Why are women seen as being more (equal) than men?

Why are so-called "minorities" treated more special than everyone else?

Why is someones opinion, albeit unpopular or different, now considered a "hate crime"?

Why are minorities given more and better protections than majorities?

Why do minorities have a much louder political voice than do majorities?

Is there any cure for the very deep destruction political correctness has done to America society?

Anonymous said...

Don't worry, soon all social networks will be gone. After all when all these rules are in place no one will be able to say anything about anyone due to the fear of "offending" this group or that group.

But then again maybe not, after all it will always be ok to threaten, assault, harass and denigrate; Whites, males, christians, conservatives or any combination of them!