Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Australia: Brown people cannot be boys

"Boy" can simply be an accusation that the other person is juvenile.  The following controversy is about members of a football club

Allegations of racism at a recent Manly board meeting may be heard by an independent tribunal after the NRL initiated a disputes process following an official complaint by Sea Eagles director Darrell Williams.

NRL chief executive Dave Smith made it clear the accusation by Williams against fellow director Rick Penn was being taken seriously when he announced on Sunday that an independent conciliator would be appointed.

If Williams, who claims Penn referred to him by the racially derogatory term "boy" during a board meeting on April 4, is not satisfied after the arbitration process, he can then ask to have the matter heard by a tribunal.

"We have advised both parties that any suggestion of racism has to be treated seriously," Smith said.


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