Sunday, June 23, 2013

SCOTUS says you can say what you like about prostitution

"The US Supreme Court on Thursday struck down as a violation of free speech a portion of a 2003 federal law that required recipients of government money in an international anti-AIDS program to embrace and advocate a US policy explicitly opposing prostitution.

In a 6-to-2 decision the high court ruled that the government-imposed requirement violated the First Amendment by forcing US aid recipients to adopt a position that extended beyond the administration of the anti-AIDS program.

'The policy requirement goes beyond preventing recipients from using private funds in a way that would undermine the federal program. It requires them to pledge allegiance to the government’s policy of eradicating prostitution,' Chief Justice John Roberts wrote in the majority opinion."


Interesting how opposition to prostitution has become a feminist concern.  They advocate sexual freedom but not if it helps MEN!  (Spit!)  Crazy.


Anonymous said...

Does this mean we can't continue paying people around the world to do as we say they must? How will we make and keep "friends"?

Anonymous said...

Foreign recipients of aid likely do not enjoy the same first amendment freedoms.

Anonymous said...

How can the US call foreign countries friends and allies when it's usually coercion or being bribed or threatened into "co-operation". Even the UK had to sell its "friendship" to the US for the vital help in WWII and paying for it ever since as the least evil but strongest "friend" available (and now the CIA revelations!).