Monday, June 03, 2013

Anti-Muslim speech disallowed in Australia

After what Muslims have done and keep doing, people must be expected to be angry about it.  Australia has even had it's own "9/11", when 88 Australians were killed in Bali by Muslim bombers.   But any anger about such things is "bigotry" according to the Leftist elite who run most of the Western world

Australian Defence Force personnel, paramedics and a NSW rural firefighter have been caught posting racist and religious slurs on social media pages despite the furore over the racist insults directed at AFL star Adam Goodes.

All three organisations have launched investigations after receiving a stream of complaints that their employees and volunteers have been posting the comments on known race-hate and Facebook pages over the past week. All of the people involved clearly identified themselves on social media pages, some posting pictures of ambulances, firetrucks and themselves in uniform, as well as identifying their work position or organisation.

One message on a hate page, understood to be from a serving soldier, said: "My mates wife ripped the scarf of a muzzos head, after she run up the arse of their Porsche, it was so she could see where she was going next time."

Another serving officer, who had been the subject of a complaint to Defence in the past two weeks, was again posting comments on Friday about Muslims, saying, "Kill em all."

The ambulance officer contributed to a group post about a Muslim person the group wanted to "kill or deport".

One of the hate messages put up just a few days ago by the rural firefighter said: "We as Australians have a 'CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT' to freedom of speech. But you go ahead and voice your opinion and the government say it is wrong. SO I sayd [sic] F--- the government Send all the f---ing Muslims back to their own country and then nuke the place. No more problems with the c---s."

A Defence spokeswoman confirmed the Office of the Inspector-General of Defence was investigating the fresh allegations of inappropriate comments made by Defence members on social media sites. "If any investigation determines that inappropriate behaviour has occurred, the matter will be referred to the relevant service for action."

In 2011 Facebook and YouTube postings by a small number of Australian soldiers in Afghanistan sparked controversy. Videos showed soldiers referring to Afghans as "sand coons", "dune coons", "niggers", "smelly locals" and a "raghead".

Last year the ABC uncovered a Facebook group where serving and ex-military personnel were swapping bawdy comments about women and offensive remarks about Muslims.

ADF investigations will also examine comments, such as "Death to Islam", which were posted by a man wearing what appeared to be an Australian army uniform.



Anonymous said...

Fuck muslims.They are thugs, pigs and cockroaches and should be ran out of any civilized part of the world.

A. Levy said...

Obviously, 88 dead Australians is not nearly enough to void the political correctness that's strangling the people there, just like one 9/11 was not nearly enough to make the American sheeple wake up.

Anonymous said...

Until Islam is "totally and completely" eradicated, the world will never again know peace.