Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Ya Gotta Laugh!

For once I actually feel sorry for President Chirac of France. He loves primitive art and has just had built a hugely expensive museum of it.

But what do you call its contents? The idea of calling the art "primitive" was judged as "demeaning" so the museum was simply named after where it is situated. Instead of being called the "Musee des artes primitif" (Forgive my fake French. I have never studied French), it is called the "Musee du Quai Branly"


"The historian Gilles Manceron said this week that the museum, designed around a jungle theme, still risked perpetuating colonial stereotypes"


Sometimes you can't win!

Another "Offensive" Cartoon

A Florida council wants to remove one of their appointess from her job because she sent a cartoon to a friend that was judged by some as "racist":

"The controversial cartoon depicts Seminole Tribe leader Max Osceola as a drum-beating, half-naked barbarian. Next to him in a canoe sits Councilwoman Judy Paul, wearing a swimsuit and holding a big martini.


That American Indians were once drum-beating, half-naked barbarians is I suppose too much truth to handle -- and you certainly must not laugh about it!


There are any number of examples of Coulter-hate that one could find in the writings of the Left but this one from the Puffington Host rather amused me -- for a number of reasons:

1). The author, novelist Jane Smiley, was so overpowered by her Coulter-hate that she nowhere mentions in her diatribe whom she is actually talking about. That Ann Coulter is her subject is however a safe bet.

2). Ms Smiley doesn't quote a single thing that Coulter has said. She does not argue rationally at all. It is just one long spew of hate and abuse. But that is pretty normal on the Left.

3). Ms Smiley ends up making clear that it is really Americans as a whole whom she loathes. And that is pretty normal on the Left too, of course.

A few small excerpts from the allegedly smiley one:

"Americans aren't nice or decent people, and conservative, overtly patriotic Americans are even less decent and less nice...

She looks crazy and frantic, even in the few pictures I've seen of her online. She's losing weight, as if there's some kind of underlying pathology going on, as if she's eating herself up from inside. Fear and hatred and paranoia do take their toll...

... members of the mainstream culture must be enabling her for some reason of their own, and so we get back to the first principle--Americans, true patriotic red, white, and blue Americans like hate."


And the allegedly smiley one accuses conservatives of hate speech! Her own hatreds could hardly be more graphically expressed.

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