Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Am I Responsible for the Speech of Others?

It seems that if I am a British employer I am:

"Employees who send lewd jokes around the office by e-mail or text message could land their companies with unlimited compensation payments for sexual harassment."


And the feminist shrews responsible for this gross piece of anti-business law think it's too bad if the employer is in no position to know what is going on:

"Today's world makes it harder for employers to guard against sexual harassment because it could be conducted below their radar. You can't always tell what people are sending on their computers," Ms Watson said.

An African Speaks the Unspeakable

"Sorious Samura says he did it because he could. The television journalist's documentary, Living with Aids, broke an almighty taboo by scrutinising male sexual promiscuity as a cause of Africa's HIV epidemic...

'The things I said in Living with Aids about the African male's sexuality are things that no white journalist can say,' he muses...

In Living with Aids, broadcast last year, Samura confronted Zambian men who said they could see no point in wearing a condom once they had HIV. In an interview with The Observer at the time, Samura described a culture of sexual recklessness internalised in childhood and cited his own experience growing up in Sierra Leone, where he became sexually active at the age of seven and had unprotected intercourse with multiple partners".


"Hate Crime" to Shoot Arrows at the Flag of Wales

The English landlady of a Welsh pub wanted to organize a game where patrons shot arrows at a target in the form of a dragon. But the only big picture of a dragon she could find was the one on the official flag of Wales -- so she used that. Big mistake. The Welsh police investigated the matter and called it a "hate crime". Whether a prosecution will result remains to be seen. More here

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