Thursday, June 08, 2006

Taranto and Bias Against Whites

A couple of commenters here have noted that one of my posts elsewhere was referred to in the "Opinion Journal" section of the WSJ written by Taranto. Here is a link about it for those who are interested.

Must not Use "Ooga Booga"

Do you know what "ooga booga" means? I don't. But its meaning apparently becomes a lot clearer if it assists a "refugee" to stay in Australia after a tribunal has ruled that she is not a refugee.

A tribunal member wrote "ooga booga" on a document connected to the case and that was judged to make the tribunal's ruling invalid. Details here

In Australia, "Ooga Booga" is actually the brand-name for a line of fashionable clothing so one might have thought that the term had good vibes. But the court concerned obviously vibrated differently.

Conservative Bike Riders

Recent news censorship by Google has now got a lot of attention in the media (e.g. here). The report below is a bit amusing, though.

"Three right-leaning US news websites have been delisted from Google News for pedalling "hate speech".


Uttering hate speech while riding a bicycle sounds unlikely so the writer presumably mean "peddling", a pedlar being an itinerant salesman. Journalism is not what it used to be. Amusing that the site concerned bills itself as "The essential site for journalists"!

One of the conservative news sites delisted by Google is now hitting back. They have put up here a list of alternative search engines to Google. I was surprised to see how many there are. Worth bookmarking. Getting people to use other search engines is the obvious way to make Google rethink.

The Unmentionable Wing

From a BBC report about the illegal immigration issue in the USA:

"The issue has polarised politics and US society. Right-wing groups have protested against illegal immigrants, while millions of people marched in support of them last month".


Only one side of the issue has a "wing" supporting it, apparently. That the marchers were supported and organized by very Left-wing groups is unmentionable. Pro-illegal demonstrators are just "people" -- quite wingless.

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