Monday, June 19, 2006

The Forbidden "T-word"

A friend of mine in China has just sent me an absolutely stunning email about the death of te****ist leader Zarqawi in Iraq. The "ABC" he refers to is Australia's public broadcaster:

"I noted from the ABC/BBC coverage that neither of the two ever used the word terrorism once in all the coverage related to his death. They used terms like (can you believe it?) "Al Quaeda front man", "insurgent leader", "Al Qaeda spokeman". It was like the two were reading off the same script.

On the other hand, the Middle East Specialist from the China Academy of Social Science made no bones about calling him a terrorist. On live TV! Moreover official Chinese press also referred to him as a terrorist leader in Iraq. Sad world when the Chinese Communists call a spade a spade while our own media beats about the bush in case they should offend Muslim leaders (and journalists).

Nutty NUT preaches intolerance as an aid to tolerance

Confused? You should be. Britain's National Union of Teachers (aptly abbreviated as NUT), like many teachers' unions worldwide, wants the State to be the only provider of education. Which translates to society putting all its kids into THEIR hands, of course.

"The National Union of Teachers (NUT) are calling for the abolition of faith schools over fears that segregated schooling in many parts of the country are a breeding ground for racial tensions and terrorism"

They are a bit cautious about attacking Catholic and Church of England schools but seem to think that smaller religious groups might fall prey to them if they push hard enough. One such group is the Seventh Day Adventist Church, a perfectly mainstream church in most respects except that they go to church on Saturday, believing that to be the original Sabbath.

But it so happens that the SDAs in Britain have a significant outreach to blacks so that will likely snooker the NUTs. As a black educator aptly put it in his comments on the NUTs:

"They talk about tolerance but they practice intolerance because they are saying children should only be exposed to one point of view about society and that in itself is intolerant."

More details here

B.C./A.D. Update

Further to a post here on 9th., we read:

"A conservative advocacy group is praising the Kentucky state school board for refusing to add the secular terms "Common Era" and "Before the Common Era" to school curriculum. The board has voted 10-0 to continue using the designations "B.C." and "A.D." to mark historical dates in textbooks and tests".


Apparently, a new school board reversed the decision of the old school board.

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