Saturday, June 10, 2006

Call for Political Censorship

When the 9/11 tragedy occurred, many of those who died would, on average, have been Democrat voters. And it is reasonable that some may have been far-Leftists. And that some far-Leftists would be married to other far Leftists is equally reasonable.

So finding a handful of far-Left widows among all the 9/11 widows is unsurprising. And far-Leftists, of course, blame George Bush for 9/11. And there is in fact a group of far-Left widows who go about doing that. And the fact that they are 9/11 widows makes people reluctant to criticize them. The women take advantage of people's kindness in order to push their far-Left barrow and not be criticized for it.

But Ann Coulter is fearless and subjects them to the same scorching criticism that she would apply to anyone else on the Left. She has in fact written a book that criticizes the widows concerned. So what is the Leftist response to that?

Censorship, of course. They want to ban her book and they attack those who sell it. A couple of examples of that here and here. Taranto has some good comments about the matter too.

All of which does I think tend to show that it is conservatives who are the tolerant ones. I have never heard of conservatives calling for bans on the fruitcake stories about 9/11 ("It was a CIA plot"; "The Jews did it" etc.) but just criticizing some of those who propagate such ideas is seen by the Left as cause for censorship.


For those who are interested, you can get a copy of Ann Coulter's book for $4.99 here

Is the "N-word" Losing its Punch?

We read of a black student in suburban New York who found frequent use of the word among young whites as well as blacks:

"At first, the 17-year-old got into fights over their use of the word "nigger." But then he said he came to the sad realization that hip-hop culture had made it popular if not acceptable for nearly anyone to use the epithet - or variations of it - in a seemingly harmless way.


Any Weak Excuse to Ban the Flag

An English soccer fan decorated his house with St George flags. But:

"Fan William Hodgson has been ordered to take down his England flags because they make a condemned street look untidy. Housing chiefs told William, 50, the St George banners "bring down" the area, even though most houses are empty and are soon to be demolished."


The English people are OK but their government appears to hate them.

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