Friday, June 30, 2006


Calling blacks "Oreos" (brown on the outside, white on the inside) is undoubtedly a racial epithet and it seems to be at least as offensive to the the blacks concerned as the N-word. So how come that Leftists who would roundly condemn one offensive racial epithet (the N-word) seem to feel quite free about using another offensive racial epithet (Oreo)?

The following is from an article linked to on the webssite of black Congresswoman (and assaulter of police) Cynthia McKinney

"An Oreo black candidate named Denise Majette emerged as lots of money poured from the coffers of the American Israeli Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) funded not only a hate campaign against McKinney, but in support of her opponent as well. Illegally, thousands of Republican voters crossed over to vote for the Oreo in the primary while the seat stayed safely Democratic, and all were quietly relieved when Cynthia didn't even make it to the general election."


Evidence Replaced by Assertion

There seems to have been a falling out between some Hispanic lawmakers in Florida. Rep. Gus Barreiro has accused Rep. Ralph Arza of using the word that whites may not use.

His evidence for that? He claimed that Arza used the word in a message left on his (Barreiro's) cellphone. So he just has to present the cellphone message and it's case closed -- right?

Wrong! Barreiro says he has wiped the offending message and so has only a recollection of it. And the guy is a lawmaker! But even the flimsiest accusations of racism must be taken seriously, of course. Details here

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