Saturday, June 17, 2006

Russian Prosecutors Ban Clowns' Show for Illegal Drug Propaganda

And what was the illegal drug they were promoting? You'll never guess. It was air freshener masquerading as fly spray! Don't believe me? Story here. Apparently the problem was that the fly appeared to enjoy the spray rather than being killed by it and that counted as promoting drug use.

Must not Say Homosexuality is "Deviant"

Maryland Republican activist Bob Smith has just got fired from a government job for arguing that homosexuals should not be given special favors. He might have got away with that but he mentioned the "d-word". He said:

"But that doesn't mean that government should proffer a special place of entitlement within the laws of the United States for persons of sexual deviancy."


Since only a small proportion of the population is homosexual, they clearly ARE deviant from the norm in statistical terms.

Leftist Hate Speech OK with Google

Google currently have in their news crawl a hate-filled Leftist site called "Capitol Hill Blue" that recently featured this choice comment:

"When it comes to support, all the GOP has left are the homophobes, bigots, racists and religious wing-nuts."

See the Google link here

So if you describe Islam as dangerous to America, Google will de-list you from its news crawl. But if you grossly defame a large part of the U.S. population, that is perfectly OK.

Further comments at Newsbusters

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