Saturday, June 03, 2006

More School Stupidity about MySpace

We read:

"A student who clearly has some other issues to deal with posted a MySpace group designed specifically around his hatred for a particular girl. It was definitely over-the-top, and the student was suspended and the school is trying to expel him. However, the school ALSO suspended 20 students who just looked at the page."


Make sure you never see an incorrect page!

Another Ban on the English Flag

In the lead-up to the imminent Word Cup soccer match, lots of English soccer fans want to display the St George flag to show their support for their national team. They are getting a lot of opposition to it, however, with frequent claims that flying the national flag is "racist"!

The latest episode has an odd twist, however. The private firm that does maintenance work for Salford council has barred its employess from displaying the flag while at work. People directly employed by the council itself, however ARE allowed to display the flag! Details here

An Online Book Recommendation

A reader writes:

"I read and your blogs almost daily to see what craziness is going on in the world. Even after reading these issues for so long, it still does not surprise me the extent to which "Newspeak" is being adopted. (ref the most recent addition on tonguetied where the world "victim" was unacceptible on a head stone.)

To that end, I was wondering if you would accept a suggestion. With all of the "Newspeak" being added to and subtracted from the lexicon of English, would you add a link to George Orwell's "1984" to one of your posts? Reading this book will give your readers a nice perspective to how far all of this can go. I will bet most of your readers have never actually read the book, even though I am sure they have heard about it.

I recently decided to read it again. The story is a excellent warning to the world of what may be if we continue to follow the path we are on. I am amazed at how Orwell renders the "absolute ends" through which a communist state could exist. The book is online here".

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