Friday, June 16, 2006

What a Pansy!

From Australia:

"A Telstra worker traumatised by bad language in the office has won a compensation claim. The man was treated for anxiety and depression after his bosses told him to get his "arse" and "bum" on a seat, a tribunal has heard. Sivanadian Perananthasivam has been awarded medical expenses and workers' compensation for almost three months off the job because of emotional distress."


Who would ever hire him knowing that about him?


The link to the above story that I originally posted has changed. I have now changed "Source" so that it leads to the right story but no guarantees on how long that link will stay current.

Patriotic Haircut Banned

No respect in official England for England's national symbol or English patriotism:

"A football-mad teenager has been told he will have to sit his exams away from his fellow pupils after having a patriotic haircut for the World Cup.

Martyn Woodward has had his hair shaved into the shape of a St George's Cross to show his support for England.


The Cartoons Come to Hong Kong

And those nasty "insensitive" Chinese actually printed them!

"A Hong Kong international school has apologised to the Muslim community for publishing in its yearbook a cartoon that shows the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) wearing a headdress shaped like a bomb"


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