Monday, June 12, 2006

Weather "Girl" Incorrect

Two Canadian politicians are fighting over whether it is "sexist" to refer to weather "girls". I know quite a lot of old ladies who refer to one another as "girls", so I would have thought it was a complimentary term. But on planet Canada, you never know. Details here

A "Right" to do Business in Spanish in the USA?

I guess most readers have heard of this by now but for those who have not: Some Hispanic groups seem to think that they have got a right to walk into any U.S. shop and transact their purchase while speaking Spanish only.

A famous Philadelphia cheesesteak (I've never had one but they sound yummy) house has adopted a policy of taking orders in English only. Why should its staff be compelled to learn Spanish in a country where the Senate has declared English to be the official language?

But that's not good enough, apparently:

"Juntos, a Hispanic neighborhood organization, said it plans to send people to Geno's to try to order in Spanish and may pursue court action, depending on what happens."


Tim Bono Update

On May 11th I mentioned the case of Christian businessman Tim Bono who refused to duplicate Lesbian propaganda for a customer.

The lesbian customer then lodged a complaint about that with the Arlington County Human Rights Commission, who ruled in her favour.

But Bono is not a quitter. With assistance from conservative lawyers, he has filed an appeal with the Arlington Circuit Court. He appears to have such a strong case legally that the ruling against him by the Arlington County Human Rights Commission gives the impression that it is little more than a kangaroo court. Details here


From California:

"A suburban City Council wants to limit public comment during its meetings after a pastor said he was placing a curse on the city manager and his family."


If they believe in the power of curses, do they really think that a ban on reporting them during council meetings would do any good?

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