Sunday, June 11, 2006

Coulter Update

It looks like Leftist attempts to shut Ann Coulter up have had the reverse effect. At another book-signing appearance, she was greeted by lots of fans and very few protesters.

"And she made a show of tearing up a letter of protest handed to her by a town official."


And I liked her reply to Hillary Clinton:

"I think if she's worried about people being mean to women she should have a talk with her husband."

She knows how to answer abuse with abuse but her abuse is factually based. Bill Clinton was indeed a cur in the way he treated many women.

Leftist Logic

I have recently posted here a short discussion of the characteristic Leftist inability to argue logically. I thought therefore that I might point out a choice example of that in the Comments on this blog.

In my top post of 10th., I noted that there would logically have to be lots of Democrat voters who died on 9/11. I said: "MANY of those who died would, on average, have been Democrat voters." I didn't say ALL, I didn't say MOST, just MANY. Most of the workers in the twin towers would have been support staff (clerks etc.) rather than investment bankers etc so it could hardly have been otherwise considering the roughly 50/50 split in the USA betweeen the supporters of the two major parties.

Our Leftist commenter could not argue with that, of course, so he/she invented something I did NOT say and argued with that! He/she portrayed me as saying that "The World Trade Center was full of pinko commie investment bankers". Classic Leftist illogic and misrepresentation! Not a shred of honesty or attempt to engage in real debate in it.

Another Nutty Attack on Displaying the English Flag

Just when you think that global warming alarmism cannot get any more inane, along comes another story which shows that there is a bottomless well of stupid:

"Drivers showing their support for England with window flags during the World Cup will pay more in fuel costs, an academic has claimed. An average car with two flags attached burns an extra litre of fuel per hour at an average of 70 mph, said Manchester University's Dr Antonio Filippone. He also calculated that 500,000 drivers all doing the same will create 2.8 million kg of carbon dioxide emissions. The extra fuel consumption is caused by the flags creating drag".


Truth about New Zealand Minority Censored

News report from New Zealand:

"Christchurch physician Sue Bagshaw said last Monday's 60 Minutes current affairs show cut a large chunk of her interview when she said Maori culture was a major reason for New Zealand's high teenage pregnancy rates."


The TV show later tried to weasel out of it but admitted that the Maori rate was way higher than the rate among whites.

Only Whites Can be Guilty of Hate Speech

How many years in jail would a white Canadian get for saying this:

"[He] blamed Jews for the Second World War during a profanity-filled speech. [He] repeated those sentiments when approached afterward by a reporter from the Saskatoon StarPhoenix. He went on to laud Hitler's use of death camps as a way to "clean up the world" of Jewish people.


I don't think there is any doubt that the penalty would be heavy. But the speaker was a Canadian Indian so his speech was judged to be "spontaneous" and hence not deserving of any penalty. I wonder if whites can be "spontaneous" too. I look forward to it being used as a defence in some future case.

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