Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Gay Means Rubbish, Says BBC

You could have scraped me off the floor when I read this one:

"The word "gay" now means "rubbish" in modern playground-speak and need not be offensive to homosexuals, the BBC Board of Governors has ruled.

A listener complained after Chris Moyles dismissed a ringtone by saying on his Radio 1 breakfast show: "I don't want that one, it's gay."


It's only "hate speech" if a conservative says it, of course.

The Letter "b" is Now Bad

Britain again:

"A school has changed the names of its primary one classes after complaints that they left some children feeling inferior, BBC Scotland has learned. Bonnyrigg Primary School had called its classes 1a and 1b but some parents of children in 1b said it left the youngsters feeling second best. The classes will now be known as 1ar and 1ap, incorporating teachers' surnames in the new titles."


More English Decay

In England, "England" has become the "E-word" -- unmentionable:

"Radio 1 has banned World Cup songs that mention England - in case they upset Welsh, Scots or Irish listeners.

Bands who use the E word will get the red card from the station's all-important playlist.

A Radio 1 source said: "We have been told songs that contain the word England repeatedly can't be put on the playlist because we don't want to upset anyone who isn't English. It's ridiculous."


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