Friday, June 02, 2006

"Victim" Incorrect

Mentioning something as nasty as "victims" is now apparently a no-no. Apparently the word "victim" is so upsetting that you cannot even have it on a headstone in a cemetary! A New York Jewish family wanted to put on a memorial headstone for one of their seniors that he was a "victim" of the Holocaust but the cemetary management just would not allow that word.

Finally a compromise was reached: The deceased could be said to have "perished" in the Holocaust. I guess "perish" will not be allowed either, eventually. Perhaps "ceased to live" will one day become all that's permissible. Details here

Studied Silence about Racial Discrimination

If a black had been demoted from a job on the basis of his race, we would never hear the end of it. But what have we heard about the case of Dr Ellen Cauthen? I have tried three search engines to find out but have drawn an almost complete blank. All I can find is this article -- which tells me that a Federal court "found that Dr. Cauthen, a former school administrator, who is white, was transferred illegally based on her race." No further details are given other than the fact that the court awarded her $258,000 damages

The article includes a picture of Superintendent Charles Larke so it would seem that he was central to the injustice. It would appear from another article that Dr Larke, who is black, has a "loose shoes" problem but it seems a considerable pity that all we can do is speculate.

Boy Scouts have a Win

In a dispute going back to 1998!

An atheist father, John Scalise, wanted the courts to bar the Boy Scouts from schools -- based on the usual inflated interpretation of the First Amendment ban on establishing religion. He lost in the Michigan courts and now SCOTUS has refused his appeal. Details here

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