Thursday, June 15, 2006

The Latest Attack on Ann Coulter

There is a press release just out which reports a new group of Leftists spewing hate at the redoubtable Ann and trying to shut her up. But the most hilarious part of their statement is this:

"Americans should rise up and denounce Ms. Coulter's flagrant attempt to profit from the deaths of innocent people on 9/11."

Since it is precisely the attempt by a group of Leftists to profit from the deaths of innocent people on 9/11 that Ms Coulter was attacking, this shows the characteristic Leftist projection (seeing your own faults in others) in full flight.

There are some good comments about Leftist attacks on Coulter and conservative women generally here. One pitiful Leftist even claims that Michael Moore looks more attractive than Ann! Yes: Read that sentence again. Hate sure has tremendous power to distort perceptions.

Amazing Fuss

It's hard to believe but the above slightly clever advertisement for cruise ship holidays has aroused great wrath, even in laid-back Australia.

"Women's Health NSW executive officer, Denele Crozier, said the postcards "encouraged [men] to treat women like a piece of meat." NSW Rape Crisis Centre manager Karen Willis described them as "misogynistic" and "sexist in the extreme". "What they do is create a culture where at the extreme end some people may think that violence against women is somehow condoned," Ms Willis said.


The protesters would seem to have vivid imaginations. The cruise-ship company has of course grovelled in response.

The Incredible Poles

There are a lot of people from Poland in Australia and in general I think highly of them. But they seem to be uniformly crazy when it comes to antisemitism. It seems to go back to the time when Poland had a large Jewish population -- one which Hitler wiped out with a lot of enthusiastic help from Poles. The fact that there were a lot of Jews in Poland and the fact that the Jews were generally much more prosperous than the generally very poor Poles led to a common belief in prewar Poland that Jews ran the country and were using their dominance to grab all the wealth for themselves.

And the fact that there are now only a handful of Jews left in Poland seems to have changed attitudes not at all. Even non-existent Jews remain a hate-object in Poland. So we read here of the latest round of antisemitic incidents.

The Polish authorities have in response arrested the proprietor of an antisemitic website but they are essentially pissing into the wind. If the wiping out of the Jewish population has not altered beliefs about Jewish exploitation of Poland, one more or less website is not going to alter anything.

And censoring any speech just gives it an air of importance and truth that it would not otherwise have. And after Poland's experience of Communist censorship, censoring something must seem like a GUARANTEE of its truth.

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