Wednesday, June 21, 2006

"Curiosity and Serenity" racist?

Among rap music stars it seems to be. There is a very expensive French champagne called Cristal that comes in a very fancy bottle. It has been very popular among rap stars such as "P. Diddy" Combs, Snoop Dogg etc.

When the maker of the champagne was asked how he felt about his product being popular in such circles, he said he viewed it with "curiosity and serenity".

BAD WORDS! I have no idea why but that remark was greeted by rap star Jay-Z as racist and cause to boycott Cristal in future. Rap stars must have very fragile egos if such innocuous words bother them so much.

My guess is that the "bling" bottle Cristal comes in will continue to prove irresistable to the rap crowd.

Plug: If they wanted value for money they would be drinking Australian champagne.

Is short hair racist?

The ACLU seems to think so. A "Six Flags" theme park in Maryland wants all of its staff (black and white) to have unobtrusive haircuts so that people can concentrate on the entertainment characters portrayed rather than on the particular workers behind the characters.

Some black employees, however, like to wear large hairstyles and the ACLU thinks they should be allowed to. They say:

"This is culturally very, very insensitive and possibly discrimination" and they say that large hairstyles are "The natural style of the hair" for Africans.

Details here. Odd that blacks in South Africa normally wear their hair very short! But the ACLU is too insensitive to take a serious interest in cross-cultural differences, of course.

The Germans are not Banning THEIR Flag

Unlike the English:

"After 60 years of inhibition and embarrassment, the national colours of black, red and gold are fluttering from every windowsill and car, shrouding brothels, town halls and high-speed trains."


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