Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Still Some Principled People in the ACLU

The ACLU has recently tried to censor its board members from speaking out when they disagree with ACLU policy. That seems to be part of an accelerating drift Leftward by the ACLU.

What has got some long-term members of the ACLU particularly upset is that the ACLU is now supporting censorship of pro-life advertising:

"Mr. Kahn, a former investment company manager from Forest Hills, said what moved him to action was the ACLU's decision to endorse a bill that would regulate advertising by counseling centers operated by groups that oppose legalized abortion.

"That got me because I'm a firm believer in content-neutral defense of free speech. The fact that the ACLU would abandon that position was an earthquake," Mr. Kahn said. "The organization has lost its way."


"Cocktail" a Bad Word -- Even the Molotov Version

Don't laugh. This is from an American Turkish (Muslim) site:

"Three suspects have been taken into custody by French police in connection with last Saturday's Molotov *censored*tail attack on the Turkish embassy in Paris."


More on Flags

I liked the following email from a reader in response to my recent posts about the attempted suppression of the flag of St George in England:

"This reminds me of a very similar story here in America. Shortly after I moved to Colorado in 2001, the far left lunatics and ne'er-do-wells who make up the populace of Boulder Colorado decided that the American Flag was a symbol of oppression and that is should not be flown over any municipal building. In particular, the colors were struck from flying on the pole in front of the library where the librarian was quoted as saying that the American flag was such an oppressive symbol as to be unfit for the children using the library to see.

Meanwhile throughout the library was an art exhibit which consisted of large, papier mache penises, painted with gay pride themes and suspended by wire from the ceiling. The art exhibit was fought over in court and was allowed to be erected (no pun intended) because it fell under the Freedom of Speech clause in the First Amendment, and rightly so, but when a group of veterans filed suit to have the flag raised outside, it was shot down, get this, on the same principle. The librarian was making yet another Free Speech statement by NOT flying the flag!

I'm both proud and nauseated by the outcome. I'm proud I live in a country where freedom of speech is still alive. I'm nauseated that it can be manipulated so easily by the left-wing flotsam and jetsam of society who find doing so a game. I'm proud that so many men and women put on a uniform every day to ensure these freedoms (as I have and know they do in the U.K. and Australia.) And, I'm nauseated by what the liberal rabble does with those freedoms.

In the end, sanity prevailed; well, forced sanity. The federal government stepped in and gently reminded the librarian that the Boulder Municipal Library System was the recipient of a large bundle of federal grant money annually, and that if they would like to continue to receive those funds, the flag really needs to be flying in front of the building. It is flying there today.

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