Monday, June 05, 2006

We get Results

(With a lot of help from others)

We read:

"An outpouring of criticism forced Seattle Public Schools on Thursday to pull a Web site that viewed planning for the future, emphasizing individualism and defining standard English as examples of cultural racism."


The website concerned was criticized here on May 29

Biased Officials in Missouri

We read:

"A group seeking to create a new specialty license plate to raise money for pregnancy centers that urge women not to have abortions has filed a lawsuit arguing that lawmakers played favorites when approving such plates.

Supporters of the license plate, which would read "Choose Life," allege lawmakers violated their free speech, due process and equal protection rights by twice rejecting their application for the specialty plate while approving other proposals..."


"Mother" and "Father" now Wrong Words in School

From the Australian State of Victoria:

"Victorian schools are being advised to dump the words "mother" and "father" by a controversial new teachers manual that promotes the cause of same-sex parents. Out of sensitivity to same-sex parent families, teachers should use "parent" or "carer" instead, the manual states.

Schools should also put up posters of gay celebrities in schools and not use gender-specific toys, the free Learn to Include teacher's manual urges."


Secret Service Afraid of Million Dollar Tracts

Evangelist Ray Comfort circulates a Christian tract in the general form of a Greenback -- though one that shows a value of one million dollars and one that has lots of other differences from a real Greenback. Anybody dumb enough to mistake it for real U.S. currency would of course be rapidly disillusioned.

But the U.S. Secret Service are apparently super-dumb. They have managed to lever their fat behinds out of their chairs for long enough to give an impression of doing something useful: They have seized Pastor Comfort's tracts.

Pastor Comfort's lawyer comments:

"If the Secret Service does not cease from this intrusion upon the free speech rights and free exercise rights of Ray Comfort and others, that agency will be explaining its outrageous conduct to a federal judge."


The whole thing is obviously just some nasty little anti-Christian bureaucrat looking for an excuse to exercise his prejudices. If they left Pastor Comfort's tracts alone and seized some illegal immigrants instead, they might be worth feeding.


Note that I have updated the link above. "Source" now leads to the WND article.

Update 2

My comments above about the SS were not of course directed at the brave young SS men who go out on security detail protecting the President. My comments were directed at the bureaucracy behind them and the U.S. "security" bureaucracy generally.

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