Monday, June 26, 2006

Ann Coulter

Ann must be the most un-tongue-tied person there is so I know she has many fans (and also critics) here. For her fans, there is a link here that you will not want to miss -- about her recent visit to L.A.

The fact that she exaggerates and oversimplifies for humorous effect should not in my view divert attention from the underlying points she makes.

A Cartoonist Gets it Right

The Latest in the 21st Century Indian Wars

For some reason that seems to boil down to no more than a desire to upset people, the Left have a campaign going to remove references to American Indians in the names of sporting teams. Such names were once widely used to represent toughness, bravery etc.

The city of Portage in Wisconsin has long had a baseball team called the "Warriors" which used an Indian logo as an example of a warrior -- but that had to go.

Rather than change the team name, however, the team changed its logo -- to an image of an armoured knight from European history. That has however produced some derision. One good comment:

"Well, the current logo certainly has nothing to do with the local heritage of the community. I never saw a 16th century knight depicted in any of our local history books or photos. I saw American Indian warriors and pioneers. Knights? I don't think so.

Some of my ancestors were American Indian. Again, I feel the former logo depicted the local heritage respectfully, not this silly looking Knight (Tin Man) with a weapon...

My opinion is this: If the logo is tasteful, respectful and complements our heritage, what is wrong with it? The former logo was a work of art. It depicted a proud American Indian warrior chief. To look at his eyes, you can feel the pride, confidence, stern in thought and heritage. Now, all I see is a Tin Man holding a sword with a "P" on his shield. What does that have to do with our local heritage and pride? Nothing".


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