Friday, June 09, 2006

AD or CE?

The usual way of describing dates uses the abbreviations AD or BC to indicate where they fall on either side of the presumed birth of Christ. Some Jews and Muslims of course use dating systems based on their own significant events.

The religion-haters get their underwear all bunched up over the AD/BC terminology, however -- ignoring that it is simply a standard practice used by people of many belief systems to avoid confusion.

In April, the Kentucky State board of education decided that their schools would teach a common alternative to the AD/BC notation -- a system that uses CE and BCE. That got a lot of opposition last week, however:

"The attendees of a public hearing today regarding a recommendation to change the designation of time were overwhelmingly against the measure."


The issue will now be decided by the State legislature.

Another Photo Ban

Parents are again being forbidden from photographing their own children -- this time in Australia:

"The Coffs Harbour Eisteddfod has prohibited parents from taking photographs and videos of their children. The ban was sparked when a father at last year's event inadvertently videotaped children who were subject to child custody orders preventing them from being photographed.

Organisers also were concerned images of the children could be used by pedophiles.


Good to see that the State government has criticized the ban. For a previous British case, see here

English Patriotism Overwhelms the Killjoys

The politically correct brigade have been doing all they can to stop English people displaying their flag -- as noted previously on this blog. But the ordinary people of England are not having it:

"From Downing Street to the bleakest housing estate, from David Cameron's bike to the dirtiest white van, the flag of St George is fluttering optimistically once again. World Cup fever has arrived, and anything with the red cross of England on it is selling fast....

Flag manufacturers said yesterday that demand was double that of four years ago in the build-up to the last tournament...

Even the Prime Minister has adopted it. Mr Blair's spokesman confirmed yesterday: "We will fly the flag on match days due to the special nature of the occasion.


The Welsh police are still fighting a rearguard action against the flag, however.

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