Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Twitter’s War On Conservatives

In the social media giant’s never-ending effort to purge itself of “fake news” it deleted thousands, if not millions  Aja Smith for Congressof accounts on Tuesday night.

Among our friends who were caught in the Twitter purge were former Secret Service agent, author and Fox News contributor Dan Bongino (@dbongino) and California Republican congressional candidate Aja Smith (@AjaforCongress).

Bongino, host of one of the net’s hottest podcasts, The Dan Bongino Show by CRTV (available on Apple Podcasts), also appears on NRA TV and has been deemed ineligible to buy ads by Twitter based on what Twitter calls “inappropriate content.”

Bongino tweeted out this protest after the social media giant’s faceless judge, jury and executioner algorithm banned him from promoting his content:

I’m respectful of your time & I don’t ask for help that often,but I need your help now. @Twitter is discriminating against conservative voices & banned me,& many others,from posting ads while wiping out 1000s of followers.Please follow & spread the word.

Family oriented country music star Benton Blount (@bentonblount) responded that he too had been hit:

In the mean time on the west coast, Republican candidate for California’s Congressional District 41, Aja Smith (@AjaforCongress) an Air Force veteran who has been doggedly pursuing scandal-plagued Democrat Rep. Mark Takano, was locked out of her Twitter account for being, wait for it, a bot.

That’s right, Twitter’s algorithm identified one of the handful of American veterans running for Congress as a potential Russian bot and locked her account.

As of this writing @AjaforCongress is back online, but there’s no guarantee that as the campaign heats up Twitter won’t drop another bomb on Smith or any other conservative candidate.



Anonymous said...

I avoid Twitter and all similar like the plague.

Dean said...

Since I ignore Twitter it would be easy to shrug my my shoulders and say, "So what?" However there are thousands (millions?) who do use Twitter and are influenced by what is posted there. So Twitter's policy of blocking conservative messages is of great concern to me, and should be to everyone.

Our society and our political system is dependent on all sides of any issue being aired. Twitter. Google, Facebook and other 'social'' sites are doing us a huge injustice by silencing one side -the conservatives - in our national discourse. Their right to support liberal views is a given, that's a First Amendment right. However, by silencing conservative views, they are depriving others of their rights.

The social media giants have enormous power over public conversation, and with that power a corresponding responsibility to support the First Amendment.

I am pessimistic, though, and feel the people in power there will continue to do their best to create a system in which they believe and at the same increase their power and wealth.

After all, power and wealth ubber alles!

Bird of Paradise said...

Time for twitter to go to his cage