Friday, February 23, 2018

Customer hits out at Taco Bell employee who left racial slur on his receipt

AN ORDINARY, “fun night out” with friends was ruined after a man found a shocking racial slur on his takeaway receipt.

University student In Young Lee visited a Taco Bell chain in Philadelphia in the US last week after spending the evening with a couple of friends.

Mr Lee, who is Asian-American, had an interaction with a cashier that was “very ordinary, and cordial even” — until he spotted his receipt.

It listed his name as “Steve Chink” — a common, offensive slur aimed at people of Asian descent.

Mr Lee confronted the staff member at the time, and later posted a photo of the receipt to Facebook, saying he was “infuriated” by what had happened.

The post attracted an outpouring of outrage, and according to the New York Post, Taco Bell has confirmed the staff member no longer works for the popular Mexican fast food chain.

The company has apologised directly to Mr Lee, and it confirmed the franchisee was retraining staff at the restaurant.



Anonymous said...

Some people have no sense of propriety; perhaps they are very self-centered.

Bird of Paradise said...

Just another product of the ME generation and demands who whole Country bend to their demands like Michael Newdow over IN GOD WE TRUST on a coins and currancy the selfish self centered little snots