Thursday, February 01, 2018

Cleveland Indians Scalped by Social Justice Warriors  

Yesterday, Major League Baseball’s Cleveland Indians acquiesced to the demands of the PC police with the pronouncement by MLB Commissioner Robert D. Manfred that the Indians franchise would be scrubbing its “Chief Wahoo” uniform logo next year.

Commissioner Manfred stated: "Over the past year, we encouraged dialogue with the Indians organization about the Club’s use of the Chief Wahoo logo. During our constructive conversations, [team owner] Paul Dolan made clear that there are fans who have a longstanding attachment to the logo and its place in the history of the team. Nonetheless, the club ultimately agreed with my position that the logo is no longer appropriate for on-field use in Major League Baseball, and I appreciate Mr. Dolan’s acknowledgement that removing it from the on-field uniform by the start of the 2019 season is the right course.

The brouhaha over team mascots across myriad sports has festered for a while now, but the timing of the Cleveland Indians’ jettisoning its logo isn’t surprising. The city will host the All-Star Game next year, which coincides with the formal changes. This is hardly serendipitous.



Anonymous said...

More Politically Correct nonsense.

Bird of Paradise said...

SJW and Liberal snowflakes they need to be marooned on some distant planet

Bill R. said...

Well, I bought a couple hats even though I'm not an Indians fan. I figure they'll be collector's items in a few years.