Sunday, February 25, 2018

Seattle Residents Complained About A 'Confederate Flag' flying. Except that it wasn't

Over the weekend the Seattle Times jumped at a news tip: there was a Confederate flag flying beneath the American flag in the city's Greenwood neighborhood, and residents were very concerned.

Only, it turns out, it wasn't the Confederate flag at all. It was the state flag of Norway, and a group of friendly Norwegians were just trying to show their patriotism and support for their Olympic Team when their very concerned neighbors contacted local media.

“Hi. Suddenly there is a Confederate flag flying in front of a house in my Greenwood neighborhood. It is at the north-east corner of 92nd and Palatine, just a block west of 92nd and Greenwood Ave N.," the tipster wrote, according to the Times. "I would love to know what this ‘means’ … but of course don’t want to knock on their door. Maybe others in the area are flying the flag? Maybe it’s a story? Thank you."

Eager to get the scoop, reporters for the Seattle Times hopped into a car and hightailed it to view the offending flag for themselves. Only, it turned out, they weren't in for quite the controversial sighting they'd anticipated.

“That’s a Norwegian flag,” said the Norwegian owner of the flagpole in question. “It’s been up there since the start of the Olympics."

“I’m a proud Norwegian-American. My parents emigrated here in the mid-1950s. He skippered tugboats," the man continued.



Anonymous said...

Some people are just stupid busybodies !

Bird of Paradise said...

Stupidity is all part of a liberal snowflake too darn dumb to tell weather their coming or going

Malcolm Smith said...

A couple of years ago someone asked about the strange flag being carried at a Tea Party rally, which they claimed was some sort of white supremist symbol. It turned out to be the state flag of Tennessee.

Bill R. said...

Your story implies that the members of the media who hightailed it out to the resident's house were also too stupid to understand they weren't looking at a Confederate flag. I have no idea what passes for education these days but I'm kind of glad I'm getting old.

Spurwing Plover the fighting shorebird said...

Some people are just too dumb to think they see something they think is offensive and it must be removed from the public like Ten Commandment Tablets or the words In God We Trust must be removed from our coins and currancy just becuase a bunch of the self centered wackos reject the idea of a higher authorarty then their own

Anonymous said...

While certainly sad and a indictment of the education of people, no one here apparently noticed that the image accompanying the linked article and the post here was not of Seattle at all.

Instead, the image is of the Sognefjord, Norway's largest and deepest fjord.

Pot, meet kettle.

Anonymous said...

I don't think there was any suggestion that the photo was of the particular flag in Seattle. It was just an example of a Norwegian flag - and one that was obviously on a boat rather than a residence.

Anonymous said...

I pine for the fjords.