Friday, February 02, 2018

"Safety" as a sick pretext for denying free speech

At that rate street thugs can deny any free spech they wish to.  It's how Hitler's brownshirts shut up anti-Nazis

White nationalist Richard Spencer's visit to the Texas A&M campus in December 2016 drew overwhelming opposition from protesters and required a large police presence to manage the ordeal. When Spencer was invited back last year for a "White Lives Matter" rally, the university barred the event from campus, citing safety concerns.

Ray Bonilla, general counsel for the Texas A&M University System, stood by that decision Wednesday while speaking at the Senate State Affairs Committee's hearing on free speech issues and First Amendment rights on college campuses hosted by Texas State University.

Even unpopular, "repugnant" speech requires protection, Bonilla said, and the Texas A&M University System stands "ready to fulfill that duty." But its first duty, he said, will always be to ensure the safety of its campuses. "We didn't think that we could ensure the safety of our students, faculty, staff and visitors," Bonilla said. "We were convinced it was the right decision."

Bonilla and representatives from five other university systems spoke to the panel Wednesday about free speech zones, costs for providing security, registration requirements for student organizations and other topics related to First Amendment issues on campus. State and student political groups and representatives from the Anti-Defamation League and other organizations also spoke at the event.



Anonymous said...

They are admitting that they cannot control the violence of protesters.

Anonymous said...

"Safety" means no physical violence. Speech unless accompanied by spittle is not physical.

Bird of Paradise said...

Here is another leftists run Univsersity that needs to be totaly defunded by 100% their as bad as U.C. Berkeley i say Sorry Aggies no more dough for you

Anonymous said...

Heckler's veto is upheld by University.
World poorer as a result.

Spurwing Plover the fighting shorebird said...

Everytime some collage professor or Campus leftists sepresses Free Speech its time they had their budgets cut by 100%