Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Free speech is for everyone

I find the oxymoron of liberals extremely funny. I attended a lecture on free speech at the U of M that was protested by liberals who, while exercising free speech, protested free speech. They don't seem to understand the constitutional amendment that free speech is free speech. It doesn't matter what's said; even if you don't like it, they still have a right to speak it.

Sadly, colleges aren't teaching free speech, nor do professors understand it. I spoke with a young man from the journalism school and asked why his Dean didn't want this speaker on free speech to talk. He answered the Dean didn't think free speech had anything to do with journalism. I'd say this Dean needs to learn the Constitution.

The motto of UM is "Light and Truth," yet they didn't want a speaker to come because they didn't like his politics and religion. I think they need to change their motto now that they don't want speakers who come to bring light and truth about free speech.

Many colleges are trying to shut down free speech with Cultural Speech Codes and micro-aggression. It's a roundabout way to say speech must be comfortable for everyone, which is another way to shut down opposing views. Colleges seem to forget their purpose was to exchange ideas in order to promote thinking on the students part.



Anonymous said...

College faculties have been taken over by Liberals who all think alike; everyone they know shares the same Politically Correct attitudes.

Bird of Paradise said...

Liberals are in reality are a bunch of Socialists who want America to fail and turn our whole nation into a cesspool for rhe rest of the world to deposit its Crinimals and undesiribles