Friday, February 16, 2018

Princeton Professor Cancels ‘Hate Speech’ Class After Backlash from Offended Students

Remember the Princeton University professor whose students walked out of class after he used the N-word in order to make an important point about hate speech? The class, "Cultural Freedoms: Hate Speech, Blasphemy, and Pornography," is now cancelled for the rest of the semester.

"I have reluctantly decided to cancel this year's offering of Anthropology 212," Professor Lawrence Rosen wrote in an email to students, according to The Weekly Standard. "This is a time to reach out to all those who came into the course, and beyond—to do what we do: to listen, to converse, to grapple with the categories by which we create our own experience. I wish you all the best."

Rosen did not respond to a request for comment as to why he decided to cancel the class. A Princeton spokesperson told The Weekly Standard that the administration had put no pressure on the professor to do so. But a student in the class had more information:

One student in the class tells TWS that he believes the course's cancelling may have had something to do with an interaction that happened "about halfway through the first seminar." A male student of color stood up, inches from professor Rosen's face and shouted "FUCK YOU," this witness claimed. Just before that, a female student of color had shouted at Rosen, as the first was approaching, "do you feel safe right now." "There was no physical contact," this witness claims, though at the time the student feared there might be. During that class, "nobody except Rosen defended Rosen," the student told me. Another student in the class confirmed this account to TWS.

What was that about students having very little real power?



Anonymous said...

so instead of calmly and intelligently discussing why they felt that other people using the n word is racist and them using it is not..we have a show of violence through intimidation and mocking by daring him to not feel threatened when confronted. it does not matter that there was no physical contact, the manner of his approach and closeness was what was used. if no physical contact is the line, then closely standing next to anyone, staring at them or mocking them should no longer be considered by anyone the reason to claim they felt endangered or threatened. we need to end this it's ok for one segment of people to use words among themselves, but claim it's racist when others use it. we need to go back to sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me. when words are used to provoke a reaction and you react that way,that person controls and owns you. they can make you a puppet to do their bidding. if you choose to not react or be provoked you own yourself and can nolonger be used.

Anonymous said...

College students are still children and have not yet "grown up".

Bird of Paradise said...

Go Home and back to your basements and playpens little snowflakes

Dean said...

Another example of emotional reaction vs. rational discourse. Sadly, over the past several years the liberal faction has become less and less rational, depending on emotional outbursts, threats of violence and actual violence to shape their social and political ends.

In this instance there was definitely a threat of violence toward Professor Rosen. In a perfect world there would have been a rational, calm discussion of the use of the word. But even in a less perfect world, the student who stood inches from the professor shouting obscenities in his face would be expelled. That, in our present world, will not happen.

Spurwing Plover the fighting shorebird said...

One of these days their going to have to leave their Safe Space(Playpen) behind and go out into the big wide world and make their fourtune becuase mommy and daddy are going to convert the baseman into a combination Sewing Room and Mans Cave