Sunday, February 04, 2018

Australia: Greenies trying to gag honest scientist

Marine scientist commented on their "unvalidated" public pronouncements about catastrophic damage to the Great Barrier Reef.  The reef is now back to normal so he was proved right.

Marine scientist Peter Ridd has refused to accept a formal censure and gag order from James Cook University and expanded his Federal Court action to defend academic freedoms and free speech.

A revised statement of claim alleges JCU trawled through private email conversations in a bid to bolster its misconduct case against him.

JCU had found Professor Ridd guilty of “serious misconduct”, ­including denigrating a co-worker, denigrating the university, breaching confidentiality, publishing information outside of the university and disregarding his obligations as an employee. [i.e. telling the truth]

Professor Ridd has asked the Federal Court to overturn the university ruling and confirm his right not to be silenced.

In the revised statement of claim, Professor Ridd has dropped an earlier claim of conflict of interest against JCU vice-chancellor Sandra Harding, but has alleged other senior staff had been biased and had not acted fairly or in good faith.

Professor Ridd’s Federal Court action is seen as a test of academic freedom and free speech, and has been supported by the Institute of Public Affairs.

Professor Ridd has subsequently published his concerns about the quality of reef science in a peer-reviewed journal. He said he was determined to speak freely about his treatment “even though it will go against explicit directions by JCU not to”.

“This is as much a case about free speech as it is about quality of science,” he said.



Anonymous said...

Good luck Professor Ridd; it is good to fight against political Correctness.

Spurwing Plover the fighting shorebird said...

Fighting the forces of Poltical Correctness daring to refuse to worship at the Church of Gaia refusing to leave offerings to their false deity and daring their High Preist Al Gore and not sacricising a virgin to their Earth Gods I hope he wins his case

Anonymous said...

The Great Barrier Reef has been dying of various causes all my life and yet it has always, always, always recovered.

Some people ridiculously think life is too fragile and unable to adapt and yet the evidence to the contrary is all around them.