Monday, February 26, 2018

Australia: Must not mention differences between blacks and whites

Australian Aborigines usually live apart from whites and their living conditions in their communities tend to horrify all others who see it -- but somehow you have got to pretend that they are "equal" in some sense.  It's perfectly fine for good kind people to make that pretence but such people also tend to condemn others who choose just to look at reality.  It seems to me that the real racists are people who base their perceptions of Aborigines on their race rather than on any objective circumstances

After niggling disagreements with campmates including Peter Rowsthorn and Paul Burrell, David Oldfield has had his first full-on I’m A Celeb fight.

The blow-up happens in tonight’s episode, and sees former One Nation politician Oldfield and comedian Fiona O’Loughlin clashing over Indigenous welfare issues.

A question from AFL player Josh Gibson to Oldfield - “What do you actually think about Aboriginal people?” - quickly led to a heated argument between Oldfield and O’Loughlin, who lived in Alice Springs for 27 years and fostered “many” Indigenous children during her time there.

Oldfield had questioned how much Aboriginal people had contributed to modern society, while O’Loughlin explained that her own son works closely with Aboriginal communities and has seen first-hand the effect of ignorant comments and beliefs like Oldfield’s.

“You’re suffering white guilt,” Oldfield told her. “They didn’t invent anything.”

“Oh, you racist pig,” O’Loughlin shot back.

“People talk about reconciliation, which is inappropriate because we have never been together and it’s to bring together two peoples that have not been estranged. What time do Aboriginal and others feel they’re together as one group?” Oldfield asked.



Spurwing Plover the fighting shorebird said...

Must always mention the simularities between whinig liberals and little snowflakes

Anonymous said...

Not invented anything? Not necessarily true, the boomerang for example came from the Aborigines and some other things that are unique to their culture that the world has found interesting. Their contribution to modern society is small but it's not altogether missing.

Other than that small nit, I pretty much agree with Oldfield though.

Anonymous said...

If there were no difference between Aboriginal people and 'white' people there would be no need for O'Loughlin to have fostered so many Aboriginal children or for her son do be doing social work specifically focused on indigenous - would there?
There is no way of answering the original question 'though. Aboriginal people are as diverse as any other people.