Friday, February 09, 2018

The Golliwog horror rumbles on

Dolls that tend to foster love of blacks are deeply incorrect, apparently

The sale of 'racist' golliwog dolls online and in Australian shopping centres has sparked outrage among tourists and indigenous advocates.

Hundreds of thousands of the controversial toys are sold each year by manufacturer Elka, which ships them across Australia.

Indigenous advocate Henrietta Marrie said the sale of the toys was 'a huge problem'. 'It's laughable this is happening in the 21st century,' she told the ABC.

'It's the look, the connotation and the naming which sends a negative measure. Years ago it was an insult and it's still insulting to us. It gives a negative image about who we are and what we can do.'

Ms Marrie said the golliwogs should be taken off the shelves, and people should be educated as to why they are inappropriate toys.

Soyla Echeverria confronted management at a souvenir store in a shopping centre in far north Queensland while on a working holiday from Melbourne after seeing golliwog toys for sale.

Elka national sales manager Jan Johnco defended marketing the toy, saying they had no racist connotations.

'Traditionally, in my childhood and most certainly my mother's, everyone had a golly and it was a beloved doll, it was so wholesome and lovely,' she said.

'People need to get a grip, it's a doll. We're talking about an innocent, benevolent, beautiful black doll.'



Anonymous said...

It gives a negative image about who we are and what we can do.'

Why don't they do and stop whining ?

Spurwing Plover the fighting shorebird said...

The trouble with liberals is they are never satisfied they always have something to whine about

Anonymous said...

Firstly, Gollies have NOTHING to do with indigenous Australians. NOTHING.
For an Australian Aboriginal to be upset about a Golly and say that it somehow effects them makes as much sense as getting upset about F Troop and claiming that has some impact on them.
Secondly, why is it racist for there to be a black doll? Surely these people should be encouraging toys representing all different types of people. Do they really just want toy-stores to exclusively stock Barbies and other white dolls?
Finally, a Golly is only as racist as a Barbie is. Is Barbie perpetuating a negative white stereotype? You bet. Am I getting all worked up about it? Not at all.

Anonymous said...

I'm white, but if I ever find myself in a store that sells Golliwogs, I'm gonna buy one! I think they are adorable.