Tuesday, February 06, 2018


MILLIONS of Brits have been scampering to supermarkets and local shops, buying armfuls of Cadbury Creme Eggs in the hope of winning a cool £1,000.

Special edition white chocolate eggs have been produced and anyone who finds one is in the running to win a cash prize – of up to two grand!

But now the popular promo has run into trouble – for being RACIST! Meadow Sugarsweet, boss of the Melting Pot Community Foundation raged: “Why should a WHITE product be seen as inherently more valuable than a BROWN one?

“This is just the sort of unconscious racism that runs through Britain from top to bottom.

“We are calling on Cadbury’s to end this so- called promotion and demand that any prize money already paid out is diverted to inclusivity and diversity community projects. “We also want a full apology for this terrible slur on the minority ethnic community.”

Last night an insider at makers Cadbury’s said: “Oh f** k! Here we go. There’s always some daft c** t, isn’t there?!”



Stan B said...

“Oh f** k! Here we go. There’s always some daft c** t, isn’t there?!”

Says it all.

Bird of Paradise said...

Phooie on these idiots i just wish they would Get A Life and quit their stupid whining

Anonymous said...

If a "person of color" already won, would they be required to return the money as well? Or would that be racist?

Anonymous said...

Meadow Sugarsweet has to be made up.

Spurwing Plover the Fighting Shorebird said...

Next on the targets of the whining little snowflakes is Snowhite and the Seven Dawarves after all she is a princess who will marry a prince and they work as miners