Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Australia: Racist black woman

Your race should not restrict what you can say

This is the moment an Aboriginal woman interrupted a cabinet minister on Q&A and told him he had no right to talk about indigenous issues because he's white.

Energy Minister Josh Frydenberg and shadow treasurer Chris Bowen were debating the idea of a constitutional referendum to create an indigenous voice to parliament when actress Shareena Clanton theatrically put her hands in the air.

'Can you stop? I’m really sick of non-indigenous peoples making comments about non-indigenous Australia,' she told the ABC panel show in Sydney on Monday night.

'We want to be the voice because we are tired of non-indigenous Australia thinking that they know what is good for us and thinking that they can be the voice for Aboriginal Australia.

'So they should all learn to keep their mouths shut and start engaging Aboriginal Australia into the conversation.' 

Ms Clanton became agitated when Mr Frydenberg, a Liberal MP, pointed out that Labor's indigenous former national president Warren Mundine had objected to the idea of an indigenous parliament as 'a solution looking for a problem'.

The thespian, who has appeared in Redfern Now and Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries on the ABC, pointed at Mr Frydenberg when he repeated Mr Mundine's name during her rant.

'Yourself included,' she said to the minister before continuing.

'We have spent 230 years, 230 years of not being included in this constitution.'

The 27-year-old actress argued the Queen, as Australia's head of state, still owned traditional lands, despite native title provisions that had given Aboriginal people control of their soil.



Anonymous said...

It is time for the indigenous people to join the modern world and stop thinking they are special.

Spurwing Plover the fighting shorebird said...

Phooie on these whining types its time for them to stop living it the prehistoric days and join up with the 21st Century

Dean said...

'So they should all learn to keep their mouths shut and start engaging Aboriginal Australia into the conversation.

Sounds like she wants a typical leftist one-sided conversation - we talk and you be quiet and do as we tell you.

Anonymous said...

Why would the ABC invite someone onto the panel who is clearly ignorant of facts.
The Australian Constitution has ALWAYS included Aboriginal people. Initially expressly by s. 51 (xxvi) and impliedly by s. 25, and after 1967 impliedly by both.

Anonymous said...

Oh - and the constitution is only 117 years old.
So no-one has been included in it for 230 years.