Tuesday, February 20, 2018

It’s Not About Free Speech, It’s About Respect: Shaelyn Barber writes from the University of Utah

We see below a typical instance of Leftists talking the talk but not walking the walk.  They want respect for their causes but where is their respect for what conservatives and Christians say?  There is none.  They just do their best to shut up anyone they disagree with.

And what is respectful about describing Ben Shapiro as "Alt-right"?  How about describing him as a conservative Orthodox Jew who graduated "cum laude" from Harvard Law School?  THAT would be respectful

Tensions have been rising between those who argue for political correctness and those who decry it in the name of free speech. Arguments, anger, protests and counter-protests rage on, each side arguing vehemently for their point of view. It has been an issue on our own campus. Back in September, infamous alt-right speaker Ben Shapiro visited the University of Utah for a speech entitled “Trigger Warning.” The speech triggered a massive protest against his ideologies and presence on the campus. As protesters marched across the U grounds, hordes of counter-protesters stood on the sidelines to fight back in favor of free speech, yelling counter-arguments and holding signs that declared their rights.

Free speech is a constitutionally protected right. You are given the right to say whatever you want in our country, even if it is offensive or crude. When people ask you to use politically correct speech, they are not trying to take away your rights. They are asking for your respect. The request for you to try and be more politically correct does not halt free speech in any way because it has no legal backing. If you choose to say things that are hateful or disrespectful, no one can do anything about it. Nothing will happen to you. The government cannot (and will not) do anything. You cannot be arrested for it. You cannot be forced to use politically correct speech.

When people ask you to use a phrase, correct pronoun or proper term, they are asking you to respect them. By choosing not to use this language, you are essentially telling them that you refuse to do that. You are invalidating the hardships they have been through and displaying a lack of empathy for your fellow humans and their emotions.



Anonymous said...

Liberals firmly believe that they re correct and anyone who disagrees is simply wrong.

Stan B said...

"Correct Pronouns" are "he" and "she" for individuals, and "they" for groups. All other pronoun requirements are made by delusional, irrational people trying to demand special notice and treatment because they are "unique."

Paul Weber said...

In any rational discussion 'facts' are more important than 'feelings'. If that offends or you find it disrespectful, the problem is with you - deal with it.

Anonymous said...

The last paragraph from the opinion piece:

We are losing empathy, and this is a problem. In this time of turmoil, we forget that our fellow human beings deserve the same amount of respect that we do. The golden rule: Treat others like you would like to be treated. During these difficult discussions, if someone asks you to use a different term or explains why a certain action may be problematic, pay attention to what they say. Take the opportunity to learn from it and improve. Learn to be more understanding and more loving. If another person tells you that you hurt them or that you are being disrespectful, it is your job to listen and react with kindness, not hatred.

This of course ignores the point that the person who "asking" you (read: "demanding") that you change your terms and speech has no respect for your beliefs. It is amazing that this person can't see that people can be offensive in demanding certain speech or terms in speech.

In short, the writer of the article is wrapping in terms like "love" and "respect" a demand that comply. That type of demand does not show the same type of love and respect that the writer wants. It is hypocritical on her part.

In case you missed it, this is the "bio" of the author given on the opinion piece:

Shaelyn is a fourth year at the University of Utah studying Political Science and Journalism in the hopes that someday she can be a travel writer. She is especially passionate about social justice, LGBTQ+ rights, women's rights, and mental health awareness. In her (very rare) free time she loves to hike, paint, and read.

Dean said...

1007 AM: You hit the nail on the head. It is amazing that those insisting that others think, believe and speak as they do are unable to understand that they are denying free speech to those who don't agree with them.

She obviously believes that anyone who doesn't conform to PC beliefs and speech is somehow in need of improvement, as if she and her cohorts somehow live on a much higher plane than the rest of society.

Her statement -"When people ask you to use politically correct speech, they are not trying to take away your rights. They are asking for your respect. The request for you to try and be more politically correct does not halt free speech in any way because it has no legal backing. - ignores what is really happening.

There is no asking. no request. There are only demands. Demands that are enforced by law in some instances, by violent protests or threats of violence, or by regulations prohibiting free speech outside designated areas in other instances.

In effect, there is concentrated effort to allow free speech only to those who use "correct" speech.

Bird of Paradise said...

Liberals beleive in Free Speech unlesss it comes to Conservatives that they must be shouted down by mobs of undisipled Brownshirts

Anonymous said...

Well said Anon 10:27 but let me just add, it is not true that failing to use PC speech will not result in any consequences.
Just ask all the public employees, media personalities and politicians if they feel they can use non-PC language without fear of recriminations.