Sunday, February 25, 2018

Must not have an opinion about when jail is justified

'At least they put him where he belongs': Primary school teacher could be FIRED for her Facebook comments about a transgender prostitute being sent to a male prison for infecting a client with HIV

A primary school teacher faces disciplinary action for claiming a transgender prostitute was put where she 'belongs' after being sent to a men's prison.

Perth teacher Melanie Kennedy made the comment on a Perth Now Facebook post about Clayton James Palmer, who was jailed last Friday for infecting a client with HIV.

The transgender prostitute - also known as CJ - was sentenced to six years in a men's prison for causing grievous bodily harm.

'At least they put him where he a male prison. That is what he is!!!' Ms Kennedy - a primary school teacher at Pickering Brook Primary School - wrote in response to the sentence.

Ms Kennedy's comment received more than 40 'likes' before an outraged reader shot back at the teacher.

Another person took to her employer's Facebook page, claiming Ms Kennedy was spreading 'uneducated bile' and calling for her sacking.

Ms Kennedy's comment was reported to the Department of Education who confirmed she could face disciplinary action, WA Today reported.   

'The matter relating to a primary school teacher had now been referred to the Standards and Integrity directorate for assessment,' the Department of Education said in a statement.



Anonymous said...

Why are normal people required to accept those with twisted minds ?

Stan B said...

Mentally delusional people often become upset and violent when you challenge their delusions.

Bird of Paradise said...

How come Obama and both the Clinton's are not in jail for all their crimes they have commited?