Thursday, March 01, 2018

Hooray! Universities support free speech about guns

So you can give a talk there in support of President Trump's gun proposals?  You'd be risking your life to try

In a rare act of solidarity, several universities are voicing their support for applicants who participate in protests for stricter gun control.

Schools like Yale, MIT, Boston University, and others have issued statements explicitly stating that those who stage demonstrations against pro-gun laws will not have their admissions jeopardized, should their high schools penalize them for peaceful protests. In a now-viral tweet, The Brown University Office of College Admission stated:

@BrownUAdmission Applicants to Brown: Expect a socially conscious, intellectually independent campus where freedom of expression is fundamentally important. You can be assured that peaceful, responsible protests against gun violence will not negatively impact decisions on admission to Brown.

This comes as survivors of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting and other high school students are organizing rallies, media interviews, and school walkouts to protest gun violence.

In response, several high school administrations issued warnings to students that any participation in such demonstrations, such as the National School Walkout Day, during school hours will result in disciplinary action. In fact, the Needville Independent School District in Texas promised three days of suspension for those who decided to protest.

But students need not fear; they now have universities on their side.

While it’s encouraging to see “universities” and “free speech” in the same headline, only half the work is done if college administrations don’t go to the same lengths to protect speech with which they might disagree.

It’s refreshing that colleges are finally standing up for free speech. It’s disconcerting that they only tend to do so for students who share their political views. Many of these same universities have stood idly by as conservative groups have found their First Amendment rights put on the backburner.



Anonymous said...

It is fine for students to protest, but new laws will not stop crazies.

Bill R. said...

It seems the "best and brightest" are about the dumbest people in the country. Do they not know that the Second Amendment is the one that keeps the government from stomping on the First too hard?

Use the Name, Luke said...

As of this afternoon, Trump's gun proposals are violations of the 2nd Amendment.

Bird of Paradise said...

Anon 3:14 you got that right its just liberal democrats want to ban everything just do they can appear on some liberal news show or in the New York Pravda(Times)or in liberal rags like TIME,NEWSWEEK and ROLLING STONE