Thursday, March 22, 2018

Must not call police officers 'Smurfs'

An Austrian man faces a £140 fine for describing police officers as 'smurfs' in a warning about speed checks posted on Facebook.

The Austria Press Agency reported that authorities in Tyrol province imposed the fine on the man, whose name wasn't released, for violating 'public decency' by 'defaming two police officers.'

The man's post in a Facebook group alerted others to 'two smurfs standing with lasers' on a local highway.

A police officer who was also in the group filed a complaint.

The local Tiroler Tageszeitung newspaper reported that the man maintains the term 'smurfs' was meant as a harmless joke rather than an insult, and plans to defend himself at regional police headquarters.


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Stan B said...

If Police are so sensitive that they can't handle a harmless, if less than respectful, reference - perhaps they shouldn't be trusted with the responsibilities of law enforcement.