Thursday, November 22, 2012

When Feminists Criminalize "Sexist" Speech

Writes Phyllis Schlafly at The Moral Liberal:

"England, [and] 18 other nations including Germany and France signed an absurd United Nations treaty about Women that requires them to pass new laws making sexist comments a crime and outlawing "psychological violence," which they define broadly to include statements "seriously impairing a person's psychological integrity through coercion or threats." This is sold to the public as part of a phony campaign against domestic violence...."

As with hate-speech prohibitions, these laws introduce a level of subjectivity into punishment that's striking. Who will define what constitutes "sexism," "psychological violence," and "seriously impairing a person's psychological integrity through coercion"?

Such laws give government the latitude to punish people selectively based on whether they or their words are in political favor.

Yet, in the same way that hate-speech laws are used as a hammer against Christians but not Muslims, how many "sexism" charges do you think will be brought against women? Will these laws be used to suppress sentiments such as "Boys are stupid. Throw rocks at them" or products such as the "All Men are Bastards" knife block?

It's more likely that they'll be trotted out to, among other things, suppress criticism of abortion under the pretext that it impairs the "psychological integrity" of women who have had or are contemplating abortions.



Bird of Paradise said...

Need anymore reason for america to ditich this wretched UNITED NATIONS and evict these terrorists and dictators from america forever?

Anonymous said...

Take a guess as to why this story will get buried.

Anonymous said...

"Who will define what constitutes "sexism," "psychological violence," and "seriously impairing a person's psychological integrity through coercion..."?

Well, no one can, but that's exactly the point. Those terms can mean anything anyone wants them to mean. It means that thoughts "can be" considered criminal acts, if the female "feels" they are.

Your freedom could very well depend on the "feelings" of women. These are the same women who can't even decide on what shoes to wear, or what color they like.

The UN is becoming the biggest terrorist organization in the world.

Anonymous said...

Uno Hu said...

Even if The Wun signs onto this treaty, it is not effective until (1) the Senate ratifies it by a two-thirds majority and (2) both houses of Congress pass a bill to make this foolishness the law of the land.

If our elected senators do ratify this treaty and both houses of Congress pass the necessary law, we damnfools who elected these scalawags will deserve what we get.

Anonymous said...

US resolutions are only for effect and image. Individual countries take no action unless they want to. If they do, the UN backing is useful, but if they don't then excuses are made or it gets "buried".

Go Away Bird said...

My guess is its just another little hen party