Monday, November 05, 2012

A German Victory for Free Speech about Mohammed

A courtcase in plain defiance of the German constitution was launched by a State government prosecutor,  suggesting that German authorities can be told what to do by the Saudis

In a letter dated October 10, 2012, and received by its addressee four days later, the Marburg, Germany state prosecutor announced a suspension in the prosecution of medical historian Dr. Armin Geus.

Geus had run afoul of German authorities because of his book Die Krankheit des Propheten (The Sickness of the Prophet), in which Geus had argued that Islam's prophet Muhammad was not divinely led, but rather psychologically disturbed. 

[The German Federal Constitution or "Basic Law' says:]

"... in states ruled by law there is no forbidden science and there are no intrusions into the freedom of science as an intrusion into a basic right on the basis of ideological and/or religious reasons, but rather only in ideology directed states like national-socialist Germany, the Stalinist Soviet Union, or the Wahabi Saudi Arabia."

Geus' case elicited from his lawyers the "greatest of concern" about German "rule of law."  It was "precisely" the King Fahd Academy (K├Ânig Fahd Akademie) in Bad Godesberg-Lannesdorf, a Saudi-founded and funded secondary school, that "was able to unleash a criminal prosecution evidently not grounded in the criminal code by a German state prosecutor." 

Geus' lawyers warned that his case presented the question concerning whether "Political Correctness, which covers this land like mildew, is now metastasizing like a cancer into "Scientifical Correctness" and destroying freedom of research and teaching in the sense of Islam and sharia."



Bird of Paradise said...

Time to round up and deport all the muslims in germany

Anonymous said...

Hooray for the German courts!

Anonymous said...

"Time to round up and deport all the muslims in germany"

The Germans know a thing or two about rounding up people.

Anonymous said...

No, that was the Nazis. Not all Germans were Nazis, and not all Nazis were German.

Anonymous said...

So one can call Mohammed a sexual pervert, lover of dogs and pigs? A Great sinner full of lust and ignorant of the spirit of God.

Go Away Bird said...

I cant seem to recall any riots by chrisrians after that movie THE LAST TEMPTATION of CHRIST came out