Monday, November 12, 2012

Shock, horror!  Speaker at Australian Catholic college fails to honour politically correct custom

He paid a tribute to the real founders of a college instead of the imaginary Aboriginal founders.  He said nothing at all about Aborigines but saying nothing was to insult them!

Non-Australians will find this hard to follow but in Leftist and particularly academic Australian circles, big meetings such as graduation ceremonies begin these days by acknowledging the fact that Aboriginal tribes used to live on the land concerned.  The pretence is that the meeting is held only with permission of the "traditional owners" of the land  -- which is of course complete garbage.  They have no title to it at law at all

When I think of the hard work my many ancestors and relatives put into building civilization in Australia I always find it offensive to have credit given to people who did nothing at all in that way.  I think the speaker below was entirely correct in giving credit where credit is due.  I think it is the Leftists who are offensive

A leading Sydney barrister and senior counsel at the trouble-plagued St John's College has sparked outrage after mocking the Aboriginal community at an official dinner at the University of Sydney.

Jeffrey Phillips, SC, stood in the college's 150-year-old Great Hall and, in front of more than 250 staff, students and guests, paid tribute to the "traditional custodians of this place" whom he identified as being the "Benedictines who came from the great English nation".

The comment was made in the presence of several indigenous students, one of whom has lodged a formal complaint and, according to senior staff, remains "deeply traumatised".

Mark Spinks, a respected member of Sydney's Aboriginal community and chairman of the Aboriginal men's group Babana, said: "How disgusting, how disgraceful, how disrespectful are those comments. I am outraged and I am disturbed. For that to have been said at the university, in a room full of students, I am almost speechless."

Last night, the University of Sydney's vice-chancellor, Michael Spence, condemned Mr Phillips' remarks. He said: "The university is very proud of the fact that it stands on land where indigenous peoples have been teaching and learning for many thousands of years before us and we acknowledge this publicly whenever we can."



Anonymous said...

asshole pc crowd. Did the abbbyreginals build the university? did they finance it? NO.

Anonymous said...

So you are now to be punished for what you DON'T say? The odd thing is that the PCness is oddly different in the US where they have regulated the Natives to only be be mentioned in dusty history books.

Bird of Paradise said...

The absolute stupidity and idiotic and rediculou PC poppycock

Go Away Bird said...

And soon theyll make all kids to pay homage to the pagan earth deity GAIA like the eco-wackos do duringt thier silly earth day celebrations

Anonymous said...

If the white man had never come to Australia, I'm quite sure the Abos' would have built a magnificent university and be awarding degrees in fire making and kangaroo cooking.

Kee Bird said...

Aborigionies worship false gods and pagan deities

Anonymous said...

It was clearly intended to be a poke at the nonsensical 'welcome to country' ceremonies that are a complete fabrication and meaningless.
I would love to know just how 'deeply traumatised' these aboriginal university students are.

Flu-Bird said...

Eco-wackos beleive we all belong to the earth not the other way around becuase their out of their minds