Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Must not mention that Obama is brown?

A top Israeli military spokesman has been branded 'racist' after posting a picture to Facebook of his face covered in mud alongside the caption: 'Obama style.'

The image was uploaded on September 29 by Lt. Sacha Dratwa - who, as the social media chief for the Israel Defence Forces, probably should have been more tuned in to the power of Facebook.

He has since came under a barrage of abuse for the picture - which appears to show him swimming in the Dead Sea - and has been forced to deny that he is racist.

He responded to a Twitter user accusing him of racism, saying: 'I'm not a racist, please stop [spreading] lies about me', ABC News reported.


He got his face smeared with mud while swimming and that made him think he looked like Emptyhead.  How awful!


Bird of Paradise said...

Obamas not brown HE IS RED and communists red pig

Anonymous said...

If Lt. Dratwa had made a disparaging remark about Muslims, that would have been directly related to Obama, since he is a Kenyan-born Muslim.

But shhhh, don't tell the weak, gullible, and totally mindless American people that. It will upset them and might even cause them to awaken.

MattS said...

@ Anonymous 5:26AM

I have looked up the relevant law on A natural born citizen is anyone who qualifies for automatic citizenship at birth.

If he were born today under currently law since he has at least one US citizen parent he would qualify no mater where the birth took place.

The law at the time he was born it would depend specifically on his mother's citizenship status. If his mother was a citizen at the time of his birth (she was) and if she had lived in the US for at least 10 years (uncertain but given what I know about her highly likely). Then Obama qualifies for automatic citizenship even if he was born outside of the US. The birth certificate and the authenticity there of is not relevant. Unless his mother had less than ten years total residency time in the US at the time of his birth he meets the citizenship qualification for the presidency.

As much as I would like to see him removed from office his birth certificate is a dead end.

Anonymous said...

If there's violence as the result of this will the left try to silence him like they did with the mohammed film guy? I'm reading comments on facebook on the BBC page going nuts over his suggestion. What happens when this story breaks in Pakistan?

Go Away Bird said...

If muslims dont like what they hear then they should move back to where they came from

Anon 5:26 said...

MattS said:
"The birth certificate and the authenticity there of is not relevant..."

Then why so much time, effort, and money spent on hiding it? And why would anyone have their academic records sealed?

Mongo said...

"And why would anyone have their academic records sealed?"

Because it is no one's damn business. Ever hear of the right to privacy?

MattS said...

@6:28 AM

I have no idea why so much effort was put into hiding the birth certificate.

On the other hand Obama strikes me as a pathological liar, so maybe he couldn't not lie about it?

Anonymous said...

Lest we forget that President Obama (peace be upon him) is just as white as he is black. Yet if you were to call him a White Man, the black community would be up in arms.

It'as a cruel double-standard that we let perpetuate out of "compassion" and "tolerance" yet it does nothing more than continue to divide the nation.

Anonymous said...

@Mongo, yes, President Obama is absolutely entitled to privacy, just as any citizen of the United States. However when a person becomes a public figure, he comes under the microscopic scrutiny of public opinion typically fueled by a very biased media, special interest groups, and pretty much anyone else.

Does this mean he has to give up those rights? No! But this is not a question of President Obama's privacy rights--it is about how he conducts himself as President. Like many of his predecessors, (and no, many GOP Presidents are not exempt) President Obama has shown countless times to be a liar, a swindler, and a cheat. He is not a man of integrity, and has been a disappointment to many who voted for him. Gone are the days when the position of President of the united States could be looked to as something to aspire to--something to strive for not because of raw power, wealth, and legal exemption, but because of a higher standard of character.