Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Vassar still self-stimulating over graffiti

The incidents (in early October) are too good an excuse for displays of self-righteousness to let them go

As most members of the Vassar community are well aware, in October of this year, several incidents of hateful graffiti were discovered in bathroom stalls and dormitories on campus.

These incidents gave rise to a variety of responses from the college designed to both assess the impact on the Vassar community and provide resources for those who were affected to express their feelings and seek support.

Such measures included the creation of the moderated SpeakUpVC blog, and hosting a community discussion on the topic.
Assistant Director for Campus Life and LGBTQ Programs Judy Jarvis said in an emailed statement, “It’s hard to measure the effectiveness of the blog and window display, but I felt that the combination of responses was important because it allowed students to engage in whatever ways they felt most comfortable.”

While some community members have been inclined to dismiss the incidents as the work of hoodlums with bad senses of humor looking to get a rise out the students, Jarvis argues that these incidents are examples of hate speech, and are symptomatic of larger problems in the Vassar community, and society at large.

VSA President Jason Rubin ’13 applauded the all-campus initiatives addressing the graffiti, as well as other measures by student groups, citing the House discussion in Jewett.  Rubin also said that the incidents were symptomatic of larger problems with the Vassar community, and that further action needed to be taken.

While the graffiti itself is long gone, the marks which it has made upon the ways in which the Vassar community views and comports itself will remain longstanding.



Bird of Paradise said...

Those who srew this stuff need to be given community service cleaning up the graffitti

Anonymous said...

Bunch of wilting flowers in college today. The real world is full of things that will hurt your feelings (and in some cases hurt you physically) that are much more personal than some anonymous graffiti on a bathroom wall. Suck it up boys and girls. Life is full of crap and if you fall apart everytime you see something that you don't like you are not going to make it.

Anonymous said...

In many cases such as this, it usually turns out that the "incident" was in fact, done by gays themselves seeking attention and sympathy for their cause, and to increase their "victim" status.

Anonymous said...

It's more like the person who instigates a bar fight and then quietly leaves. You know, a troll.

Go Away Bird said...

Liberals say graffitti is freedom of expression ecept when it comes to conservatives

Anonymous said...

311, perfect.

Anonymous said...

3:29 - yeah, if the bogey man ain't liberals, leftists, muslims and atheists, it sure must be "gays"!!! (the victim is the paranoid idiot like 3:29).